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Featured Shop Friday: Rumor

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Featured Shop Friday: Rumor

For our 3rd installment of Featured Shop Friday we caught up with Dean Piquette of Rumor Boardshop in Leduc, AB.

Give us some history about your shop.

We’ve been open since 1997. We opened up in Leduc, Alberta because we saw it as a growing community with a cool community vibe and we’re happy we did, Leduc, baby!

What trends do you see upcoming in the snowboarding world / future of the industry?  Snowboard flood pants, Pants rolled up or cuffed around the high ankle…god, I hope not.  The future of the industry looks good, as long as there’s snow there will be snowboarding.

Shop motto: No motto is the best motto.

Favorite place to ride:  Team rides everything from split boarding in the rockies to street boarding in the city.

What makes your shop special?  What sets us apart is everyone that works here is passionate about skateboarding and snowboarding and it shows in our customer service and product selection.

Upcoming Events (mark your calendars!):
We do so many events it seems that I hardly even see my family, we get involved in everything.

What’s your favorite piece of gear and why?  I love all my gear, Im a gear nerd.

If you could invent a new piece of gear for snowboarding, what would it be?  I’d invent a superior boot liner, my toesies are always cold.

Social Media Stalkers *ahem* Followers Welcome!
We’re big on instagram: rumorboardshop and Facebook: Rumor Skate & Snow

Shout outs and stoke for local hang-outs!  Peelerz is our local hangout; famous Leduc strip club featured in Fubar 2.

Anything else you’d like to share?  Support your local skate/snow shop, don’t buy stuff at malls and outlets.

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