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New Age Nomad Podcast

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New Age Nomad Podcast

Recently one of our founding members, Ana Van Pelt, sat down with Nick Hammond who runs the New Age Nomad Podcast, and had a very raw and personal discussion about business, the intersection of luck and hard work, creativity, exciting things on the horizon for Niche, and much more.

The New Age Nomad is dedicated to telling the personal backstories of individuals who turned their back on the status quo and have made travel, the great outdoors, and extreme sports their life. “The path isn’t always sunshine and rainbows but we can, and will, work together in an effort to make the world a better place. One small step, one freeing trip, at a time. The podcast for those who love to wander.”

For an unfiltered look behind the lens of Niche, give our episode of the New Age Nomad Podcast a listen:

From the New Age Nomad: “Ana Van Pelt is a designer, artist, and co-founder of Niche Snowboards. After spending her younger years in California and moving on to the mountains of Idaho she began snowboarding as an outlet to bettering her life. During that same time period she began learning the ins-and-outs of graphic design in an effort to expand on her passions. Molding these two aspects of her life she teamed up with several friends to create Niche snowboards citing the toxicity of many elements in the snowboard making process as a catalyst for change in the industry and the driving force behind the ongoing efforts in creating a 100% recyclable snowboard.”

Most sincere thanks to Nick Hammond for his support and interest in Niche!! We had a great time chatting with you and looking forward to doing it again. Check out more episodes of his podcast series, >>HERE<<.

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