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Niche Games 2016 // Teaser

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Niche Games 2016 // Teaser

This spring, we rounded up the Utah-based Niche crew made of team riders, employees and family members, and hosted the first annual Niche Games. The most underwhelming snowboard competition of the season. We’re not quite sure if it was an actual competition of skill, or an excuse to play drinking games all day… But one thing is for certain; it was the most fun day any of us had all season, and a tradition we will look forward to for many years to come.

Held up at Brighton Resort, the day was comprised of 5 team events: Keg Relay, Switch Race, Chug N’ Huck, Grab N’ Grind, and Stump. The competition between Team X and Team O was fierce and only one team landed on top, winning the coveted Golden Dragon award. There rules were fairly open and the day a little chaotic, with accusations of false play from both sides.

Stay tuned for the full recap and video dropping soon, and until then, enjoy this glorious teaser:


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