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Outside Magazine: Behind Snowboard Graphics

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Outside Magazine: Behind Snowboard Graphics

Snowboard graphics work in progress from Zosia Olenska.

When the folks over at Outside Magazine told us they wanted to do a story about the artwork on our snowboards, we were (needless to say), over-the-freaking-moon. Whitney Dreier from Outside Mag got together with our Creative Director Ana Van Pelt to talk about the conceptualization phase, where her inspiration and ideas come from, and the process of how exactly snowboard graphics get from a drawing pad to under your bindings.  We at Niche take pride in snowboards being works of art in addition to the best snowboards you’ve ever ridden – if you’re going to do something, do it right! – and as a result, we get to work with some amazing artists and make super cool things happen.  Every snowboard has a story behind it, from the detailed tree rings on the Minx to the geometric awesomeness on the Knew (hint, that has to do with the mountain range Niche calls home!).  We know this is something you’ll want to be looking down at all season, and it better be sweet, right?

Many of our ideas are sparked by the natural world around us and our connectedness with the earth, a theme you’ll see highlighted in the 13/14 season designs.

Check out the full article HERE for a close-up look at some of the original artwork that eventually made it onto snowboards.

“When Momentum Media came to Santa Fe to introduce Outside to Niche Snowboards, we were wowed by the company’s commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly products. But what really caught our eye were the boards’ elaborate graphics, which were inspired by everything from the Wasatch Mountains to Nordic culture. We wanted to find out more…”

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