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The 2017/18 season seems to be a pretty monumental one for us, heading into winter with not one, but TWO Good Wood Awards from Transworld Snowboarding! The second in the lineup to take home this prestigious badge of approval: the 2017/18 Story. “With notable serration on its edges—MagneTraction is an understatement here—some riders were wary […]

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The 2017/18 Niche Theme So, we’ve been saying something for years and feel like we finally have the perfect opportunity to highlight our point: you don’t have to sacrifice quality or performance in order to make something more environmentally friendly. And sometimes, those more sustainable choices actually enhance your product’s performance! Enter, the 2017/18 Theme. […]

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Recently one of our founding members, Ana Van Pelt, sat down with Nick Hammond who runs the New Age Nomad Podcast, and had a very raw and personal discussion about business, the intersection of luck and hard work, creativity, exciting things on the horizon for Niche, and much more. The New Age Nomad is dedicated to telling the personal backstories […]

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This spring, we rounded up the Utah-based Niche crew made of team riders, employees and family members, and hosted the first annual Niche Games. The most underwhelming snowboard competition of the season. We’re not quite sure if it was an actual competition of skill, or an excuse to play drinking games all day… But one […]

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The first of our Featured Shop Friday posts is our local shop Milosport SLC, celebrating 30 years this winter!  We interviewed Trevor Brady, the shop’s General Manager: Milosport was founded in 1984 by Dimitrje Milovich who also founded Winterstick.  A lot of the original Winterstick boards were made in the Milosport back room, pretty rad!  The […]

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