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The Maelstrom is taking snowboarding back to its roots, with a few new-school twists. This tapered, directional, cambered board is meant for cruising, carving, floating through pow, and charging steeps. Comfortable all over the resorts, the Maelstrom offers the edge control of a traditional, old-school feel, by adapting modern technology like added traction bumps along the edges and a hybrid directional camber profile for smooth turn initiation and exit.


Rocker in the nose leading into traditional camber by the back foot. Float effortlessly through powder and lock-in on groomers.

mid-stiff flex

Powerful, snappy and stable. Directional flex. 6 of 10

Sintered Base

Fast, strong and smooth - like a good whiskey

2yr Warranty.

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Coordinate Story

Every Niche graphic has its own unique story to tell, and includes a special set of coordinates, leading to an even deeper story and place on Earth. This season, each of Niche's graphic coordinates links to a global map of solar eclipse paths of totality. Some from the past, some from the future, each as interesting and unique as the last.

totality location: egypt

Date: 2027

Coordinates: 25.505° N, 33.1826° E

Technical Details
  • Camber medley, which gives you the benefits of reverse camber,while maintaining optimum pop and control
  • Reverse camber between your feet, and camber zones extending to the contact points for a super loose, catch-free feel
  • Extra edge contact points to give your board more edge control and stability, especially in icy conditions
  • Works like the serrated edge of a knife
  • Fixes the ‘squirrely’ feel that reverse camber boards can have
Basalt stringers
  • Used to replace carbon fiber because of its similar characteristics ...and it’s more eco friendly!
  • Adds pop and stability
  • Dampens vibrations
snappy sap bio-resin
  • More elastic and snappier than normal resin
  • Dampens vibrations
  • Extremely high adhesion properties to help keep your board from delaminating
digi-print topsheet
  • Direct digital print, lacquer free, matte finish topsheet
Water Based Inks
  • Non-toxic, solvent free, uv based inks
sustainable wood core
  • A combination of poplar, paulownia and bamboo
Flip Flop Bases
  • Alternate color schemes are used to avoid extra plastic base material waste during production.
recycled base, sidewalls and edges
Lengths Effective Edge sidecut Raduis waist width stance width
154 1160 MM 7200 MM 248 MM 560 MM
157 1190 MM 7400 MM 252 MM 560 MM
160 1220 MM 7600 MM 256 MM 560 MM
163 1250 MM 7800 MM 260 MM 560 MM
166 1280 MM 8000 MM 264 MM 560 MM